At fashionTrade we are at the forefront of bringing digital transformations to fashion wholesale. We help retailers find the best brands that match their style and segment - whilst giving brands the opportunity to move into new markets by connecting them with shops that operate there. 

Our vision to simplify the global fashion wholesale industry is conducted in a manner that it is more accessible and transparent than ever before. Digital technologies and disruptive innovation are changing this once-traditional business forever and fashionTrade will lead the way.

"fashionTrade is the future of fashion wholesale. We simplify the way fashion brands and retailers trade."

As a young company with solid funding, insightful knowledge into the fashion industry and invaluable connections the biggest offer we have for you is the opportunity for long term growth, impact and learning.

We would love to welcome you to our international office centrally located in Amsterdam on the second floor of the TQ building on the Singel. As part of a co-working space, we have a great community of events and opportunities and offer a tasty, healthy lunch.

If you are intrigued by the proposition of shaping the future of fashionTrade don not hesitate to apply for one of our open positions!